Don't Pay Attention to Live Roulette Misconceptions and Errors

Just like anything else, there are tons of live roulette misconceptions and errors that you will want to avoid if you hope to be successful. The one that stands out and is most prevalent among gambling circles is the one claiming that games featuring a video feed of a croupier (or a dealer) are not based solely on luck. People believe that they can actually beat the house, and this leads to a string of poor decisions and, eventually, the loss of an entire bankroll.

The first thing to remember is that placing an even-money bet on something like red or black, high or low, or even or odd is going to give you a 50/50 shot to win a payout. That isn't the case at all. The best-case scenario in the European version is that you can get close, but the fact that there is a green zero pocket that fits into none of these categories lowers that chance quite a bit.

The next of the live roulette misconceptions and errors to consider is that if a number hasn't come up in the last 30 rounds or so, then it is considered "due". While it is mathematically correct to assume that each number should come up the same number of times, this pattern may only play out over the course of millions of spins. You might actually have to sit in your chair for a month straight before your "Lucky 17" pays off, and think of how much you would lose in that time!

Finally, some people believe that the casino will put the wheel off-balance on purpose as if it gives them some kind of an advantage. Truthfully, this is just silly. If the casino offset the wheel, the only people to benefit would be the gamblers. The house doesn't make the decisions - that's all on you! What's more, the house checks, calibrates, repairs and even replaces these wheels so frequently that such a thing would never even have time to happen.

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