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In this article, the numerous kinds of free credits offered by online casinos will be tackled. There are several of them but remember that others only differ in name.

Casino Welcome Incentive

The most standard incentive given by casinos is called a new player incentive, a casino welcome bonus, first deposit incentive or a sign up incentive. Usually, it is a 100% match credit until a certain amount. For example, Bet365 offers a 150% welcome incentive as much as £150, resulting to a total bankroll of £250 when you deposit £100. A casino welcome bonus range between 50% and 500%, with 100% as the most common. Any establishment offering more than 200% casino welcome bonus should be checked carefully since it may come with numerous restrictions. There are times when an establishment will ask for a coupon or code before the incentive can be cashed out.

No Deposit Incentive

This is intended to attract more players - who can resist getting free credits without having to dip into their bankroll? New casinos have a tendency to use this in an attempt to attract more players since the offer will allow them to explore the site and gamble without risking their bankroll. The one thing that needs to be considered is the betting requirement that comes with this incentive. Most sites will include a quite high wagering requirement or other limitations to minimize players from abusing the free credits. Usually, a player will be required to make a deposit first before he can cash out his no deposit incentive and other winnings. Game restrictions would apply too. This means you cannot use the incentive to play games with small house edge such as blackjack. With no deposit incentive, it is normal for wagering requirements to be very high since it is totally free. Hundreds of new online casinos are popping up all over the place, but one to pay special attention to is

Monthly Incentive

This is also called a reload incentive, loyalty incentive or a deposit incentive. If you regularly play, establishments will reward you with a monthly incentive so you will keep playing. The amount will usually depend on your gaming activity for the previous month.

Payment Method Incentive

In online establishments, there are several means by which you can deposit and cash out funds from your account. There are some sites that promote a certain method, which is usually an e-wallet, so they offer another incentive on top of the welcome credits.

High-Roller Incentive

In order to attract more players and convince them to deposit larger amounts, establishments give higher incentives for high-rollers, also called as VIPS or whales. Incentives are usually higher amounts aside from other perks like tickets to sporting events and paid vacations.

Refer-a-Friend Incentive

Today, this is not so common anymore. It basically works when you refer someone you know and they sign up for an account.

Generally speaking, the free credits are a useful tool for gambling sites. With this, they can attract more players to put money into the casino and play. It also works in favor for the player as he gets free additional money to use on his favorite games. It is highly recommended that all players read the terms and conditions of any free credit offered so he can fully understand the restrictions and requirements that come with the money he is getting.