Beginners Guide to Keno

Keno is a very diverse game, both in-house and online. Based upon many of the same principles as a traditional Bingo game, keno is based solely upon luck and certainly gives players a run for their money.

Online Keno Guide

When players sit down to their first game of Keno, they are handed a card with a field of numbers ranging from one to 80. Once they have a card, players will place bets and select their spots--or their favorite numbers--that they think will be drawn from the Keno number generator. Usually, anywhere from one to 15 spots are selected; players that select the fewest slots and hit win the most money. The term "'hit"' refers to matching numbers on the Keno card that are pulled from the Keno number generator. In this way, the game of Keno is often referred to as a cross between a game of Bingo and a lottery.

Things to Remember

There are literally dozens of Keno variations, so players should always study the rules when they decide to try a new or unfamiliar Keno game. Another thing to remember is that no online Keno guide can guarantee that a player will win this game since it is based solely upon luck. There are no strategies to follow and no particular betting methods that will work. Keno is renowned for having some of the worst odds of any casino game available both in-house and online, but it is such a social game that many players enjoy it just to have a good time.

People who enjoy selecting numbers for their favorite lottery or sitting down for a medium-paced, friendly game of Bingo are sure to enjoy the atmosphere that the game of Keno lends to the casino. Following this online Keno guide will give players everything they need to be successful at online casinos such as Club World Casino, Rushmore Casino and Jackpot City.